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My Books

During my Social Work career I have written a number of books, with the aim of solving problems that I have encountered on my Social Work journey.  On this page you will find details of these books, which are all available as paperbacks for purchase on Amazon, as well as on Kindle.

This is my latest book, and it is part of a series of books that I am writing, covering all aspects of Social Work.  They are Social Work Quick Guides, containing essential information for busy Social Workers.

This one, UASC Country Profiles, was developed as a result of my work in creating and building a nationally recognised service for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children in Bournemouth.

The problem was that when a young person arrived from another Country, the workers in the team usually had no idea about that particular country.  What are the religious beliefs, languages, ethnicities, customs, laws etc etc? How should the young person be treated?  How might their presenting behaviours be interpreted?

So I gathered as much information as I could find on 52 countries that Asylum Seeking Childen might come from and I compiled it into this 700 page reference guide for Social Workers.  Now they have all of the information that they might need, at their fingertips.

I am also currently developing a mobile phone app, containing the key information from the book, so that Social Workers can carry it in their pockets.

I wrote this book during my time developing and managing Fostering and Adoption Services for various Local Authorities.  It is a practical guide for Foster Carers and Adopters to help them to care for the children placed with them.  Each short chapter deals with a different presenting behaviour and offers practical advice and tips to manage each one.  It is intended for those times when the carers don’t know what to do, but don’t want to contact the Social Worker (or can’t contact the Social Worker!) for advice.  Or maybe, the presenting behaviour does not warrant a call to a professional….just a bit of helpful advice!

I wrote this book during my time as a Fsotering and Adoption Panel Advisor around the Country.  More and more I was realising that Panel members did not always understand their roles and responsibilities.  They had often become “comfortable” and werejust going through the motions.  I therefore developed a training programme and this book to help to get them back on track! I wanted them to start thinking and challenging again.  This seemed to do the trick!