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Dave Crewe

Social Care Manager and Performance Coach

Name:Dave Crewe
Date of birth:1962
Address:Sandown, Isle of Wight
Hi, Dave Crewe here and welcome to my website. Thanks for dropping by. If you are looking for a Senior Social Care Manager for your organisation, someone who can manage change, motivate and inspire staff and who can get results strategically, then you have come to the right place. Feel free to have a look around, get to know me and the Contact Form. I look forward to speaking with you personally very soon!

Personal Statement

Personal Statement

A Bit About Me

I began my career as a Social worker in 1995.  I worked for the Isle of Wight Social Services Department for sixteen years.  

For thirteen of these I was a Team manager in four different teams within Isle of Wight Children’s Services, and latterly held a more senior, strategic role as a Group Manager for Looked After Children.

I feel that I was an active and enthusiastic member of the Isle of Wight Senior Managers group and I would say that my management ‘style’ was strongly underpinned by a motivational,  transformational and pro-active approach.

I am fully aware of the relevant legislation, policies and procedures that make up the framework in which we provide Public Care for children and young people, (Children Act 1989 & 2004, Care Standards Act, Care Leavers Act, Fostering Service Regs, UK National Standards for Foster Care, Care Planning Regs, various Adoption Acts & guidance, Immigartion Acts and Guidance etc). 

Having managed a number of teams over the past seventeen years I feel that I have a clear understanding of the issues and difficulties experienced by Looked After Children and Foster Carers.  I also feel that I am a good leader and motivator.

There were significant changes within the IOW Social Care department following an “inadequate” Ofsted inspection in 2012.  I was part of the senior management team leading and driving forward the positive and necessary changes identified within the improvement plan.

These changes however were not without their challenges including resistance, fear, and apprehension.  However, by developing a shared vision and shared ideas, coupled with good communication and consultation I feel that I  played a key role in successfully surmounting many of the obstacles and taking staff along with us on this journey.  This will improve the future outcomes for Looked After Children on the Isle of Wight.

I managed an annual budget of £1.5 million, and through creative financial acumen, careful monitoring and control, and ensuring Best Value, my service area usually ended each year with at least a 15% under-spend.

In my substantive post on the Isle of Wight I had strategic responsibility within the Looked After Children’s Service for the planning, design and delivery of all core services to children in care, and subsequent outcomes for these children

I met regularly with the Lead Member for Children’s Services to provide service updates, problem solve and to discuss and plan future initiatives to improve the outcomes for our looked after population.

From a Safeguarding perspective, I have extensive knowledge and experience and I regularly chaired legal planning meetings, Permanency Planning meetings and oversaw Section 47 investigations.  I was the consultant for the development of a safeguarding training video for teachers that is used nationally and I have recently developed a safeguarding mobile App for use by the Third Sector.

I was in my previous senior management role for two and a half years, followed by a short term contract in Adoption and a number of Team Manager Locum roles, and I feel that I am now ready to further develop my strategic role and capabilities and take on new challenges.

I believe that the skills that I possess are wholly transferable and that my motivational and people development skills will be invaluable to any organization within which I work.

I am committed to the development of anti-discriminatory issues, and I am aware of my own values and beliefs and their impact upon both team members and young people. To me “Equal Opportunities” is not just a buzz word, but an ethos underpinning how we do business

I consider my work to be consistent and of a high standard.  I have a good sense of humour and a sound knowledge of management perspectives and models of adult learning and child development.

I am skilled in the use of computers and Information Technology.  I have a strong belief in life long learning and development.  I feel that I work well as a team member, but I am comfortable working alone

I would very much welcome the opportunity to be part of developing and implementing new and inspirational initiatives that will strengthen and build capacity, and ultimately improve outcomes for children and young people.


1985 - 2000

Early Employment

Social Worker/Team Manager

2000 – 2002:    Team Manager, Long Term Team, Isle of Wight Council


1999 – 2000:    Team Manager, Assessment Team, Isle of Wight Council


1997 – 1999:    Social Worker, Isle of Wight Council


1996 – 1997:    Social Worker, St Helens Borough Council


1995 – 1996:    Social Worker, Salford City Council /Community Drug and Alcohol Worker


1991 – 1995:    Assistant Hostel Warden, Merseyside Probation Service.


1985 – 1991:    Self Employed Taxi Company owner/operator

2002 - 2005

Team Manager

Team Manager, Looked After Children’s Team (0-16), Isle of Wight Council

In this role I introduced and pioneered the development of Family Group Conferences on the Island, which later developed into a multi agency commissioning forum.  This led to improved outcomes for children; reduced costs to the local authority and the development of good inter authority / agency working.

June 2005 - July 2011

Team Manager

Team Manager, Fostering and Adoption Service, Isle of Wight Council
  • I led the development and growth of the Fostering Service, and delivered a reduction in mainland and agency placements for looked after children, resulting in a 60% financial saving.  This meant that Island children were returned to the Island (when appropriate) to be close to their families and support networks, and felt less isolated and alone.


  • Set up a Specialist Intensive Bridging Foster Scheme, thereby reducing reliance on agency and mainland placements and consequently significantly reducing costs to the Local Authority.


  • Led the development of a nationally recognised Supported Lodgings Scheme to improve outcomes for care leavers and homeless young people.


  • Led the development and growth of a Family Link Scheme for children with disabilities.  This provided regular respite and consistency for children and their families.  It was cost effective and is seen as a model of best practice.


  • I played a key role in the development of a fee free adoption consortium.  This reduced costs and improved inter agency working across local authorities.


  • Conceived and led the development of a mother and baby fostering placement scheme.  This enabled the local authority to argue against expensive, Court directed assessments and enabled mothers and babies to stay together for the assessments.  This provides for a more realistic and authentic assessment.


  • Managed the Fostering Panel


  • Undertook the role of Agency Advisor to the Fostering Panel
July 2011 - December 2013

Group Manager

Group Manager For Looked After Children, Isle of Wight Council

In this strategic role I:


  • Played an instrumental role in the major reorganisation of the whole of Isle of Wight Children’s Services in 2011 in order to implement the “Reclaiming Social Work” Model as advocated by Eileen Munro.


  • I developed and transformed the service area that I was responsible for and led them through times of difficult change and a an inadequate Ofsted inspection, through listening, enabling, modelling and coaching.


  • I Delivered a reduction in mainland and agency placements for looked after children,
  • I established a Performance Framework for my service area which improved practice and enhanced outcomes for looked after children.  This framework was later adopted by other service areas.


  • Under my confident leadership statutory visiting to Looked After Children drastically improved to 95%.  I implemented a successful performance management system which, amongst other things, led to an increase in the uptake of LAC medicals, timeliness of LAC Reviews, up to date Care Plans and many other performance related measures, which means that children in public care on the Isle of Wight received a better service.


  • I played a key role in developing and implementing a Missing Persons Strategy across the Island (alongside Police colleagues), that led to a significant reduction (85%) in the numbers of missing LAC children.  This strategic model is now being considered for implementation nationally across a number of Local Authorities and police forces.


  • I regularly chaired the Isle of Wight Permanency Planning Panel, Legal Planning meetings and I was the Islands’ Adoption Panel Advisor, ensuring that the right decisions were made for children’s futures in line with relevant legislation and guidance.
April 2013 - August 2013

Assistant Director Intern

Assistant Director Intern, Surrey County Council

I was part of the South East Succession Planning Programme, and as part of this I completed a 20 week (one day per week) Internship with Surrey County Council working at Assistant Director level.  I was working on a strategic project, examining safeguarding within the voluntary, faith and community sector across Surrey.  I worked closely with the Assistant Director for Youth and Community in partnership with the community and voluntary sector leaders to analyse the current situation in Surrey and to develop a strategic plan to address identified deficiencies.  This will result in improved awareness, improved practice and better safeguarding of children who are not within the statutory remit of the local authority.

Through this programme I have been able to further develop my leadership and mentoring skills, alongside strategic planning and implementation.

March 2014 - June 2014

Adoption Panel Manager and Advisor

Adoption Panel Manager & Advisor Worcestershire County Council
  •  Recruiting to the Central List
  • Panel training, development and action planning
  • Quality Assurance (and development of a QA system)
  • Online marketing & recruitment (using video, social media, Youtube, etc)
  • Developing Fostering to Adopt Scheme
  • Development of online Adopter feedback system
  • Developing joint adopter training with Hereford with a view to merging some of the Adoption Service functions as part of the West Mercia Project
  • Coaching a new Team Manager
  • Panel Advisor role
  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation and guidance
  • Ensuring Ofsted readiness
June 2014 - September 2014

Adoption and Fostering Manager and Advisor

Adoption & Fostering Panel Manager and Advisor Walsall Council
  • Recruiting to the Central List
  • Panel training, development and action planning
  • Quality Assurance (and development of a QA system)
  • Online marketing & recruitment (using video, social media, Youtube, etc)
  • Development of online Adopter feedback system
  • Panel Advisor role
  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation and guidance
  • Development of Adoption Passport
  • Development of Education Policy for Adopted children
  • New CPR training & development
October 2014 - July 2015

Fostering Support Service Manager

Fostering Support Service Manager. Portsmouth City Council
  • Review of Fostering Duty Service
  • Review of Out of Hours Service
  • Development of recruitment video & Website
  • Quality Assurance & Audit
  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation and guidance
  • Policy development
  • Supervision of Practice Leads
  • Staff recruitment & management
  • Permanence Panel member
  • Development of e-learning modules for carers
  • Development of Enhanced Supported Lodgings Scheme to increase capacity for challenging YP and Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers
  • Development of specialist Parent and Child Placement Scheme
  • Service & Strategy Development
August 2015 - November 2015

Special Guardianship Project Manager

Special Guardianship Project Manager. Portsmouth City Council
  • Reviewing all aspects of Special Guardianship and associated support services
  • Writing Kinship Care Policy & Procedures
  • Writing Special Guardianship Policy & Procedures
  • Reviewing and redesigning Fostering Scale of Allowances
  • Designing and implementing Special Guardianship / Kinship Care Framework
  • Review of procedures in line with new Policies
  • Review of all current SGO & Residence Order arrangements
  • Staff training on new framework, policies and procedures
November 2015 - January 2016

Private Fostering Team Manager

Private Fostering Team Manager. Bournemouth Borough Council
  • Managing the Private Fostering Team.
  • Developing and delivering Awareness Raising strategy.
  • Liaison with Language schools and partner agencies.
  • Strategic Service development.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Development of promotional videos, posters, infographics etc
  • Workshop and training development and delivery.
  • Developing a Traded Service that has been commissioned by Dorset and Poole Local Authorities.
April 2016 - October 2016

Looked After Childrens Team Manager

Looked After Childrens Team Manager. Bournemouth Borough Council
  • Managing the LAC Team (in addition to the Private Fostering Team)
  • Strategic Service development
  • Quality assurance and audit
  • Management of a number of capability, performance and disciplinary issues.
  • Development of an out of hours support service for LAC children and care leavers (Talk it Out)
  • Staff recruitment
November 2016 - present

Team Manager. Supported Lodgings & UASC

Supported Lodgings & UASC. Bournemouth Borough Council

I took over the Supported Lodgings Service and have redeveloped it to cater for three demographics; Standard Supported Lodgings, Supported Lodgings for UASC and Enhanced Supported Lodgings.  The last 10 months have seen a 160% increase in new placements, with the Enhanced Level being linked to the AQA Unit Awards Scheme.

I have also set up the UASC Team to work with Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers in Bournemouth.  We have developed in house capacity and clear Social Care, Health and Education Pathways.

I have also recently developed a mobile App for UASC in Bournemouth, providing them with all of the information that they need to help them to settle quickly and safely.


1999 - 2013


Education History

2013:               ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching Certificate


2010:               Perpetual Dawn Training Consultancy

Qualification:  Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)


2005 – 2007:    Chichester University.

Qualification: Master of Arts Degree in Management (Health & Public Sector)


2000 – 2001:    Bournemouth University.

Qualification:  Masters Degree in Business and Administration (MBA-Unfinished)


1993 – 1995:    Liverpool University

Qualification:  Diploma in Social Work, Diploma in Higher Education.


1992 – 1993:    Halton College of Further Education

Qualification: A Level Psychology


1991 – 1992:    Halton College of Further Education

Qualification:  Certificate in Counselling Skills



1978 – 1979:    Halton College of Further Education.

Qualification:  City and Guilds in Catering



1973 – 1978:    West Park Grammar School, St Helens, Merseyside.

Qualifications: O’Levels in; English Lit, English Language, Biology, Art, Religion, Economics and Geography.


Child Protect App

2013 August

In 2013, whilst undertaking an Assistant Director Internship in Surrey, I developed a mobile phone app to assist staff in the Third Sector when dealing with safegaurding issues.

The App is available at:



Adoption Panel -The Missing Manual

2014 September

Whilst working in both Worcester and Walsall as Adoption Panel Manager and Advisor I became aware that Panel members had been on the Panels for many years, had little training and little idea about how to fulfill their roles effectively.  I therefore developed a comprehensive training programme and wrote a book that would address these issues.  The book provides a handy reference guide for Adoption Panel members and is available from Amazon and also as a Kindle book.


Caring For Somebody Else’s Kids

2016 October

In October 2016 I wrote a second book.  This book is a guide for foster carers and adopters, packed with useful strategies, tips and advice to help them to care for somebody else’s kids.  It is available from Amazon and also as a Kindle book.



2017 October

I have recently developed a mobile App for UASC in Bournemouth to provide them with all of the information that they need when they arrive in order to help them to settle in quickly and safely.

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AddressSandown, Isle of Wight

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